Growing fast

Looks like my tomatoes will be moving upstairs to the mobile greenhouse soon. They are outgrowing my fluorescent light set up. I’m reluctant to transplant them any time soon as they’ll grow even faster.

Outside – life

Poppies are “popping up” and have been for about 10 days or more. Some grass is also showing up in flower beds. I expect to see our Tarragon coming up soon. It is next to the foundation in the front our house and new growth always appears early on.

Lettuce is still doing well.


I have over a dozen basil plants but more than half of them are looking pretty rough. I can only think I overwatered them.

Current status of garden

Right now I have lettuce sprouted in my greenhouse and plants inside under fluorescent lights. The lettuce I started on April 18. Some sprouted as early as April 22. The weather until this last weekend has been unseasonably warm. April 22 it reached a high of +20C – likely some sort of record.

My plants indoors consist of tomatoes, tomatillas, aunt molly’s ground cherry, peppers and basil. I was a little early on the tomatoes – started them March 23. Probably could’ve waited till @ April 7 or so as they are getting quite tall and will soon have to be moved upstairs. We’ll see how well it goes. Tomatoes tend to have to be picked green. The peppers on the other hand, should be started early. They take almost twice as long to sprout.

More later….