May 3

The weather has reverted back to colder than seasonal temperatures. My lettuce, though, is still alive. Tonight the forecast is a low of -10C. That will be the big test for the lettuce. I may throw a quilt over the box in the greenhouse for extra heat retention. So far at -3C @Noon and overcast, the temp at ground level in my planter box is +9C.

I put most of my tomatoes upstairs on Sunday – as they had outgrown my light set up. I can move them out on warm days and bring them in at night with my mobile mini greenhouse. I didn’t bother today since it is grey and cold.

Yesterday, I also planted 6 dozen plugs of red romaine lettuce (3 doz each of Annapolis and Silvia). Those I’m keeping under the fluor. lights with some smaller tomatoes, peppers and basil.

Also on Sunday I cut up some lumber in preparation of building a couple of mobile plant carts. More on this later….


2 thoughts on “May 3

  1. Loving this Dave, Kitty hasn’t even had time to tell me. I’ll look forward to reading about your gardening prowess.

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