May 17 Update

Transplant-o’rama this past Sunday. I transplanted all my tomatoes, tomatillas, ground cherry, peppers and sickly basil into larger pots (6 & 6.5″ pots). Many were labelled and staked so it took a good two hours or so. About 4 dozen plants in all.
Lettuce outside and in the greenhouse is doing well.
The weather is holding up so far. Looks like the lows won’t get much below zero for the next week…fingers crossed.


2 thoughts on “May 17 Update

  1. Hey Dave, if I wanted to put some lettuce in some pots how big do the pots have to be – I won’t transplant it just leave it in the pots to grow.

    1. I like 8″ pots for lettuce. You get a half decent head with a pot that size. I usually start with plugs, then move to 3-4″ pots and then to either 8″ pots or raised beds. I will also start from seed in the raised beds.

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