June 30 Update

Two Purple Prince plants – one outside and one in the greenhouse – have a tomato each. Likely happened say June 27-28. Also, two Early Girl plants – each have a tomato – likely showed up around the same time.

I have finally reorganized the greenhouse. Both 8 foot troughs are out – one has been halved and I’ve finished one four foot planter box on legs. I put lettuce in it and stuck it in the back 40 feet.

Both of my three foot by 1 foot upright boxes are in the greenhouse. Each filled w/ basil and one with an additional oregano plant.

I’ve seeded the final box – my outdoor planter box complex- with mesclin mix salad greens. I have a few more spaces in another box for some lettuce. I’ve been adding a few more seed here and there. My mesclin mix in another box – one of the first one’s I seeded is jam packed with a variety of lettuce and herbs etc….
I added some more peas to my pea boxes. Otherwise they are doing well.
Tomatoes are almost all looking nice and dark green. The addition of fresh soil, sheep manure and rainwater all helped revitalize them.
My potatoes are at the point of almost require some more dirt to be added. Carrots and beets are going well, as are the two raised beds of lettuce.
I’ve kept my salad loving spouse in salad from before the Aborginal Day weekend. Things are getting a bit tight but I think I can do one or two more nights of harvest before letting the crops take a break to catch up the demand.
I’m musing about what is better – to take a whole head or just pick leaves from the outside. The decapitated one will usually produce one more – sometimes two more – though it gets a bit tough by the point. If any one has an opinion…ANYONE OUT THERE – let me know. THanks.
I have to get out my Stihl weed whacker again as the grass is growing all over the place with all the rain.
Once again, I watered my gardens on Sunday for a couple of hours only for it to rain a ton that night, and next day too. More rain on the forecast so I’ll be letting things go again. IN any case they are soaked.
I have four day weekend starting in four hours or so. I plan to seed a section of the front lawn, maybe wash some windows, finish a planter box or two from the old eight footers, weed, trim the yard and clean the yard. Need to fix up a few hanging baskets too. I’m impressed with the combo of a wire basket with a nest of coconut fibre instead of a plastic pot. It would be a good way to go for pots and planter boxes too with lettuce and herbs. I alway wonder about the plastic/heat combo on the soil and the uptake into the plant that one consumes. I’d like to blame my moobs on it but then, if that was the case, my lovely spouse’s girls would be HUUUUUGE from all the lettuce she eats!

Update June 23

The rain predicted for Friday was almost non-existent. But the rain-o-rama not predicted for Sunday made up for it. The gardens, pots etc exposed to the rain are well watered. We were forecasted to return to sun and warmth this week but now it is forecasted for rain and warmth – this weekend.

Garden is going well.

Sat Jun 19 was a busy day. Soccer tournie in the morning, followed by a sale at a greenhouse out in Kam Lake. 50% off – now that’s my price for perennials that may not make it to next year.

Anyway, pile of shopping then I went to town on the front yard. Weeding, leaf removal, edging, planting perennials and my son cut the lawn. I also waterred the fek out of the grass…hmm didn’t see Sunday’s downpour coming. (Also watered the back gardens too … oh well).
Weed whacked the entire yard and the back 40…feet…. Managed to help move a piano too. More soccer in the evening, followed by a wonderful dinner. Crazy day….
Planted three boxes – two left – w/ small lettuce plants.
Built two upright planter boxes for the greenhouse (1 x 3′ growing area est.), and filled one with basil and a greek oregano plant. The other one will be for lettuce.

I started some more lettuce (romaine – grn and red, and some other butterhead types..).
I keep sowing seeds until the August long weekend. It is easy to get behind on the sowing of lettuce seeds.
I need to remember to plant some more peas – as there is some space where some didn’t come up.

Update June 18

Short of time so behind in the posts.

First rain today. I hope we get enough to make a difference in the garden. Rain water really helps compared to the stuff from the tap.

Tomatoes are transplanted.  Should soon be reorganizing the green house to fit more tomato plants in there.

I finished planted the last remaining raised bed – with lettuce – in the back 40. I also have planted two more boxes w/ lettuce. I have five left to complete.

Peas are doing well, as is the lettuce. Likely time for some fertilizer for the tomatoes as the fresh soil/manure I added isn’t exactly giving them what I thought it would.

Beets and carrots coming up. Thinned most of the beets.

Potatoes are popping up too.

Need to focus some more on flowers and the front yard…this weekend maybe.

June 9

Transplanted 20 tomato plants over the past two days. Four plants Monday night and 16 Tuesday night (my one free night this week – after not going to two events that night). I have 13 to go but may have to drag it out due to space limitations.
I’m planning on removing the 8 foot troughs from my main greenhouse – cutting them in half and putting legs on them (inspired by a friend built a raised bed with legs about the size of a small pool table). They take up way too much space and are way too heavy to move full of wet earth. It would also help with drainage a bit – reducing wood rot.

Looking to tranplant four more tonight if possible, and some more lettuce.

June 7 Update

Over the weekend I finished my plant carts. So now I can move my lettuce and other small potted plants around the deck.

I transplanted several dozen heads of lettuce into their final resting places: pots and a raised bed. I bought a few more flowers for some railing boxes and hanging baskets. I also transplanted my peppers, tomatillas and ground cherry. The last two are looking very rough from the weather and overwatering.

I also transplanted 4 rosemary plants and one lavendar into larger pots.

Saturday and the 10 days prior were very hot. Sat felt the hottest, with it being quite humid. By the evening, a cold wind came in and our weather has now reverted to the mean so to speak – sunny but cool. Last night it hit a low of plus 4 c at 4AM for one hour. The evenings for the week look pretty good w/ Thurs night’s low predicted to hit plus 5C. I’m hoping that the danger of freezing and frost is gone for next 2.5 months.

Since the long range forecast looks good I’m going to start transplanting my tomatoes. They need to get out of the 6 inch pots they are in – starving for food (nutrients) and into their final resting spots.

My basil has bounced back somewhat but I have more sprouted to make up for the poor showing of my first crop.

June 2 Update

Too busy getting everything in, transplanted, planted etc etc etc etc.
Weather is good. Sunday night looks a bit touch and go w/ a low of 3 but lows have been around 10 or so and highs around 23-25 C.
First the bad news:
Tomatillas and Aunt Molly Ground cherry took a beating from a combo of too windy (cold wind burn) and too hot. And about half the tomatoes are looking rough for the same reasons. Peppers seem to be doing well.
Good news:
Managed to save some basil plants and have new ones sprouted.
Lettuce is looking good.

Planting update:
Finished putting up lattice on the north side of my back deck. Now the deck has pretty good privacy as well as more space for wall pots (flowers and vines).
Carrots and Beets planted last week – May 26th
May 27th started peas in three boxes.
May 28-30 I planted flowers (petunias, sweet peas and some pansies – that I thought were sweet peas) in my wall (lattice planters).
I have sowed lettuce (mesclin mix, corn salad), red mustard and arugala into my box garden. Eight of 15 boxes have been planted.
I also started more lettuce and red mustard in plugs.
June 1 – tranplanted lettuce – two dozen of a red lettuce variety (can’t recall which one maybe romaine) and moved tomatillas, ground cherry and peppers into my smaller greenhouse.
Need to start more lettuce to keep the crop going.
Tomatoes will soon need to be transplanted. I’m just waiting for the final 5 day forecast to take us to June 11ish (usually the safe time according Stan Hutrya – YK’s most famous gardener – passed away a few years back. He used to be on that show the Canadian Gardener). Once they are in their final resting places they are too big to move around all that easily.
I have to get on the lettuce carts this weekend too plus, maybe get some more boxes planted.