June 2 Update

Too busy getting everything in, transplanted, planted etc etc etc etc.
Weather is good. Sunday night looks a bit touch and go w/ a low of 3 but lows have been around 10 or so and highs around 23-25 C.
First the bad news:
Tomatillas and Aunt Molly Ground cherry took a beating from a combo of too windy (cold wind burn) and too hot. And about half the tomatoes are looking rough for the same reasons. Peppers seem to be doing well.
Good news:
Managed to save some basil plants and have new ones sprouted.
Lettuce is looking good.

Planting update:
Finished putting up lattice on the north side of my back deck. Now the deck has pretty good privacy as well as more space for wall pots (flowers and vines).
Carrots and Beets planted last week – May 26th
May 27th started peas in three boxes.
May 28-30 I planted flowers (petunias, sweet peas and some pansies – that I thought were sweet peas) in my wall (lattice planters).
I have sowed lettuce (mesclin mix, corn salad), red mustard and arugala into my box garden. Eight of 15 boxes have been planted.
I also started more lettuce and red mustard in plugs.
June 1 – tranplanted lettuce – two dozen of a red lettuce variety (can’t recall which one maybe romaine) and moved tomatillas, ground cherry and peppers into my smaller greenhouse.
Need to start more lettuce to keep the crop going.
Tomatoes will soon need to be transplanted. I’m just waiting for the final 5 day forecast to take us to June 11ish (usually the safe time according Stan Hutrya – YK’s most famous gardener – passed away a few years back. He used to be on that show the Canadian Gardener). Once they are in their final resting places they are too big to move around all that easily.
I have to get on the lettuce carts this weekend too plus, maybe get some more boxes planted.


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