June 7 Update

Over the weekend I finished my plant carts. So now I can move my lettuce and other small potted plants around the deck.

I transplanted several dozen heads of lettuce into their final resting places: pots and a raised bed. I bought a few more flowers for some railing boxes and hanging baskets. I also transplanted my peppers, tomatillas and ground cherry. The last two are looking very rough from the weather and overwatering.

I also transplanted 4 rosemary plants and one lavendar into larger pots.

Saturday and the 10 days prior were very hot. Sat felt the hottest, with it being quite humid. By the evening, a cold wind came in and our weather has now reverted to the mean so to speak – sunny but cool. Last night it hit a low of plus 4 c at 4AM for one hour. The evenings for the week look pretty good w/ Thurs night’s low predicted to hit plus 5C. I’m hoping that the danger of freezing and frost is gone for next 2.5 months.

Since the long range forecast looks good I’m going to start transplanting my tomatoes. They need to get out of the 6 inch pots they are in – starving for food (nutrients) and into their final resting spots.

My basil has bounced back somewhat but I have more sprouted to make up for the poor showing of my first crop.


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