Update June 23

The rain predicted for Friday was almost non-existent. But the rain-o-rama not predicted for Sunday made up for it. The gardens, pots etc exposed to the rain are well watered. We were forecasted to return to sun and warmth this week but now it is forecasted for rain and warmth – this weekend.

Garden is going well.

Sat Jun 19 was a busy day. Soccer tournie in the morning, followed by a sale at a greenhouse out in Kam Lake. 50% off – now that’s my price for perennials that may not make it to next year.

Anyway, pile of shopping then I went to town on the front yard. Weeding, leaf removal, edging, planting perennials and my son cut the lawn. I also waterred the fek out of the grass…hmm didn’t see Sunday’s downpour coming. (Also watered the back gardens too … oh well).
Weed whacked the entire yard and the back 40…feet…. Managed to help move a piano too. More soccer in the evening, followed by a wonderful dinner. Crazy day….
Planted three boxes – two left – w/ small lettuce plants.
Built two upright planter boxes for the greenhouse (1 x 3′ growing area est.), and filled one with basil and a greek oregano plant. The other one will be for lettuce.

I started some more lettuce (romaine – grn and red, and some other butterhead types..).
I keep sowing seeds until the August long weekend. It is easy to get behind on the sowing of lettuce seeds.
I need to remember to plant some more peas – as there is some space where some didn’t come up.


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