June 30 Update

Two Purple Prince plants – one outside and one in the greenhouse – have a tomato each. Likely happened say June 27-28. Also, two Early Girl plants – each have a tomato – likely showed up around the same time.

I have finally reorganized the greenhouse. Both 8 foot troughs are out – one has been halved and I’ve finished one four foot planter box on legs. I put lettuce in it and stuck it in the back 40 feet.

Both of my three foot by 1 foot upright boxes are in the greenhouse. Each filled w/ basil and one with an additional oregano plant.

I’ve seeded the final box – my outdoor planter box complex- with mesclin mix salad greens. I have a few more spaces in another box for some lettuce. I’ve been adding a few more seed here and there. My mesclin mix in another box – one of the first one’s I seeded is jam packed with a variety of lettuce and herbs etc….
I added some more peas to my pea boxes. Otherwise they are doing well.
Tomatoes are almost all looking nice and dark green. The addition of fresh soil, sheep manure and rainwater all helped revitalize them.
My potatoes are at the point of almost require some more dirt to be added. Carrots and beets are going well, as are the two raised beds of lettuce.
I’ve kept my salad loving spouse in salad from before the Aborginal Day weekend. Things are getting a bit tight but I think I can do one or two more nights of harvest before letting the crops take a break to catch up the demand.
I’m musing about what is better – to take a whole head or just pick leaves from the outside. The decapitated one will usually produce one more – sometimes two more – though it gets a bit tough by the point. If any one has an opinion…ANYONE OUT THERE – let me know. THanks.
I have to get out my Stihl weed whacker again as the grass is growing all over the place with all the rain.
Once again, I watered my gardens on Sunday for a couple of hours only for it to rain a ton that night, and next day too. More rain on the forecast so I’ll be letting things go again. IN any case they are soaked.
I have four day weekend starting in four hours or so. I plan to seed a section of the front lawn, maybe wash some windows, finish a planter box or two from the old eight footers, weed, trim the yard and clean the yard. Need to fix up a few hanging baskets too. I’m impressed with the combo of a wire basket with a nest of coconut fibre instead of a plastic pot. It would be a good way to go for pots and planter boxes too with lettuce and herbs. I alway wonder about the plastic/heat combo on the soil and the uptake into the plant that one consumes. I’d like to blame my moobs on it but then, if that was the case, my lovely spouse’s girls would be HUUUUUGE from all the lettuce she eats!


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