Update 2

Tomatoes are ripening, and many more are the vine since I counted last.
I’m almost finished transplanting lettuce and am trying to harvest it faster now, in preparation for old Jack Frost.
The weather has been good. Highs of 15-20C in the day, and lows of 8-12C at night.
Berries have been lame this year, even my currants. They didn’t return a half a cup even. The only bright spot is one of my gooseberry bushes has a fair number of berries. But it is the first year of production, so I can’t say what I should expect. I’m just happy they made it through the winter.
Had a basil and tomato shrimp pasta last sunday, and basil garlic bread. Basil and tomatoes were from the garden. Very tasty.
Still haven’t found time to post my pics. Still a lot to do around the yard.


Update 1

It has been awhile since I updated this blog. I’m sure the bored hoards have been waiting with anticipation…

I’ve been too busy with gardening and yard work, among other things, to head down to my office to give an update. This one will be quick….

Tomatos are doing well. I’ve been picking off the suckers so we’ll see what comes of that. I need to do an inventory of tomatos on the vine and keep track of what I’ve picked. So far one purple prince has rippened – Aug 6 and one Yellow Pear Aug 8. The Purple Prince was enjoyed by family and friends, and YP by my spouse. A couple of Early Girls (or Bonny Bests) are red and will be picked soon.

Beets are doing well and were enjoyed by visiting family/friends in the first week of August.

My peas are a mess but have produced. A lot have turned kinda white…nutrient problem or under/over watering ….lack of attention….

Lettuce is rocking and we’re having a hard time eating it fast enough. But my salad loving spouse is up for the challenge.

I’ve reseeded most of the front lawn. The first section I did is night and day different from what it was. And the next piece is coming along. I think I’ll keep reseeding until I get a lawn like my neighbours, lush…and even.

I took some pics in late July and will post when I have time.