October 3

The weekend has been unseasonably warm in Yellowknife. We went wood cutting yesterday and the temperature hit 21C about 90 minutes out of town (140Km west). According to Environment Canada, the record was 17.1 in 1987 for Oct 2. Oct 2, 2010 hit a high of 16.8 for Yellowknife. Pretty damn close.

As an aside, Environment Canada has a ranking of Canadian cities for weather averages – coldest winter, hotest summer etc… check it out:


Today I harvested some bell peppers I had brought inside. Unfortunately, the plants were full of aphids or white flies and were spreading to other plants. Peppers seem to be a magnet for them, even if they come from the soil as someone once told me. I could have sprayed them w/ soapy water but didn’t bother since the peppers were ready to pick.  I also removed two ground cherry plants from the house, as they’d been hit too. Hopefully, they don’t spread to my rosemary and house plants. I had a bit of problem with these pests early in the year. I cut one house plant down, the source of most of the pests, to basically nothing and it has come back. So far it looks ok.

I kept the hot peppers – little blues – in the house. I will spray them. They didn’t get hit as hard.

Lettuce is still growing in one of the raised beds…barely. If this weather would hold out, then they might pop up. Thus far the soil is too wet and it has generally been too cold for them grow much from when I put them in the ground a couple-three weeks ago. Some flowers are still doing alright. Snow is predicted for Thanksgiving but the temp is still relatively mild.