April 19 – most of the tomatoes have sprouted, tomatillas, aunt molly’s ground cherry, basil and a couple of little blue peppers. My yellow peppers and colour mix peppers have yet to sprout.

The weather has been cold here in Yelllowknife. We’ve been getting snow and haven’t got back up to the nice weather we had at the end of March/early April. Last year this time it was 20C. That was unseasonably warm. I planted lettuce seeds in the green house on April 18th, last year, and they made it. I don’t think I’ll be doing that this Easter weekend.

We’ve been laying floor, replacing moulding and base boards. This has been a never ending project. Luckily the weather has made working outside not all that appealing.

Green house renos have to take place soon. I’m thinking of putting in a skylight this weekend. We’ll see if I can manage that in between inside jobs.


About half I what I planted March 30 has sprouted – starting April 6.
Weather is turning cold again next week. Not sure I’m going to get a midish April start to lettuce in the greenhouse like I did last year.

Thoughts about the 2011 Season

The ski-doos have been parked on the north side of the property, and they may not move till November, as my mind switches to Spring and gardening.

I wasn’t going to plant any new tomato varieties this year but broke down and bought a couple more packs of seeds. Heck, I’m not old enough to stop experimenting with tomato varieties.

One of the two new varities is the Manitoba. It is an early ripen red medium tomato – supposedly ripen in 55-60 days from transplant to outside (final pot, garden etc). We’ll see. It may prove to be as good as Early Girl. And I have this vague memory of growing some before, though I cannot remember how it went.

The other type was F1 (Fried Green). I was a bit disappointed by the number of seeds in this pack – maybe 20. For $2.95 this is quite pricey. Hopefully they will do well and amaze our palletes. This variety turns Yellow, and is medium sized I think, but the pack claims they make for a good frying tomato while still apple green. Anyway, ready in 75 days from transplant. I will likely be picking them green but that is par for the course this far north.

I have been organizing last year’s mess in my green house. I am planning to put in skylights and to built stand up tomato planters (troughs). More on these improvements as things develop.



First seeds sown – details

March 30 I planted 4 each of the following:
– Early Girl
– Bonny’s Best
– Purple Prince
– Red Pear
– Yellow Pear
– Chocolate Cherry
– Little Blue
– Yellow
– Colour Mix
– Tomatillas
– Aunt Molly’s Ground Cherry
– Italian Basil
April 2, I couldn’t resist and planted 4 each of
– F1 (Fried Green) it is a Yellow medium sized variety
– Manitoba (supposedly ready in 55-60 days from transplant)