April 19 – most of the tomatoes have sprouted, tomatillas, aunt molly’s ground cherry, basil and a couple of little blue peppers. My yellow peppers and colour mix peppers have yet to sprout.

The weather has been cold here in Yelllowknife. We’ve been getting snow and haven’t got back up to the nice weather we had at the end of March/early April. Last year this time it was 20C. That was unseasonably warm. I planted lettuce seeds in the green house on April 18th, last year, and they made it. I don’t think I’ll be doing that this Easter weekend.

We’ve been laying floor, replacing moulding and base boards. This has been a never ending project. Luckily the weather has made working outside not all that appealing.

Green house renos have to take place soon. I’m thinking of putting in a skylight this weekend. We’ll see if I can manage that in between inside jobs.


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