May 26-2011 Update

We were away for the long weekend but everything survived thanks to good weather and a good house sitter.

May 24 – I transplanted 7 tomato plants into larger pots and buried them in one trough in the green house. So far so good.
I acquired some sand from the “sand pits” on Tuesday as well. I planted some more lettuce and peas too. Now I have all my peas in, except for those I sow later on in the season. My first box of peas have since sprouted.
May 25 I sowed two small planters, that hang on my lattice, with climbing vine seeds. One with scarlet runners and one with something else…purple pod like one. These planters are staying in the greenhouse for now.
May 26 I planted three rows of beets, more lettuce and transplanted some more lettuce into 6 and 8 inch pots. I put the 8 inch pots on the deck.
I also placed about 10 tomato, basil and tomatilla plants in the same trough w/ the other seven plants. I didn’t transplant them as I want to be able to remove them quickly, if need be.
Over the past couple of days, I’ve hooked up hoses, watered some perrenial gardens and gave the grass a bit of water. The ground feels wet but my grass isn’t coming back as fast as it is in other yards in the neighbourhood. In fact, the grass I seeded last year hasn’t come up yet.
Hmmm was supposed to plant some more basil. Maybe I’ll go do that right now.

May 18 Update

THe soil has since thawed from the last time I posted. I’ve planted a few lettuce seeds in one raised bed.
I have also planted 6 boxes from my big planter box.
Tomatos, basil peppers et al, have spent a couple nights outside though I brought them in last night.
I’ve also planted some sweet peas and nasturtium seeds. The flower seeds I put in pots and put the pots in the green house.
All three tomato planters are built.
Yard is still in a bit of disarray but I’m working on that.
We all went wood cutting last weekend. We may go again the weekend after next or wait till the Fall. There was a lot of water out where we cut, limiting our access to the area save for risking getting stuck in the mud w/ a heavy load.

May 9 Update

May 7, lettuce has sprouted in the green house. I’m impressed as there were some cold lows (forecasted) earlier in the week. Seeing the sprouts encouraged me to get more in. So now I have about 7 dozen plugs planted w/ lettuce seed – primarily romaine, and red romaine.
I finished my second tomato planter this weekend. I also transplanted my tomatos, peppers etc into bigger containers. This was time consuming, as I labelled most of the transplants and had to pull the roots of a few plants apart.
My raised beds are starting to thaw out but are still frozen about 6″ down.

May 2

Weather is still unseasonably cold.
I’ve been working on raised (stand-up) tomato planters for the greenhouse. So far I have one built and the wood cut for the second.
My indoor seedlings are doing well. It is likely time to transplant. I’d rather not do it until it really necessary, just so I keep their size down before I get take them outside (daytimes at first).
Some photos to follow