June 24 Update

Moving the planters has shown results already. On Monday I planted one planter w/ about 10 to 11 romaine heads. So far they have appeared to have grown quite rapidly, even faster than their peers that are still in pots. I filled up another planter yesterday with red romaine. So, I will hurry up and fill the last two with planters.

June 22 Update

Summer has arrived. This weekend was hot and the heat has continued. I wouldn’t be surprised if the weather on Aboriginal Day was a high for the record keeping books.

Saturday past brought me some good fortune.

We were heading to my son’s softball game and I spied a sign saying “free stuff” taped to a big window in front of a pile of stuff. So I dropped off my spouse and son and headed back…fearing that such a find would be gone. But woohoo, it was still there.

I asked the person. Is that really free? Really, I can take it? So what gives? I guess her partner and she had a debate over a glass door or a screen door. And I won out! (BTW, thanks again to them). Well it was 3′ by 6.5′ and now is, after some aches, pains and sweat, mounted on the front of my greenhouse. I think this window will tip the balance. I’m hoping to see better production and slightly more heat retention because of this. We’ll see.
And besides, any glass is better than opaque templast.
This four day weekend also marked the first foray into weed eating, brush cutting and grass edging with my faithful Stihl.
I moved my four mobile lettuce planters from the back forty to the side of the house where they will get way more sun. Also I planted potatoes (stuff left from last year’s crop) in two planters – that hadn’t been doing anything but collecting garbage and growing weeds.
Other than the above, just miscellaneous transplanting and lettuce seeding.
I’m getting geared up to re-seed the area of our lawn that didn’t make it over the winter. Not sure it will work. I’m thinking I never had the roots get deep enough to make it through the cold this past winter.

June 15 Update

Better luck next year Vancouver.

The weather has been good since the weekend. And everything looks good for the next two, maybe three months. Here’s to a good gardening season.

I heard that Stan Hutyra used to say the first full moon in June, not necessarily the 10th. Good to know.

I have all my tomatoes in my green house or in large or medium sized pots. I’m working to fill up my 15 box planter with lettuce. Purple basil has sprouted. All my flowers are in…maybe I’ll pick up a few more. Plenty to do outside….


June 8 Update

The weather was a big factor this weekend in Yellowknife. We had lows of around zero. Early Sunday Am, @ 1-2, there was ice forming in a puddle on my deck. One tomato plant in the greenhouse appears to be dead and another had the top hit, but the rest looks alright. The rest of my tomatoes in the greenhouse made it through. All my other plants and flowers were fine.

I saw the punishment a friend’s plants (tomatoes and other stuff) took over Sat night/Sun morning. Looks like the “new moon” wasn’t the best time to start – as a certain source in town was recommending. Last year the new moon was June 12, this year – June 1.
We may have not had frost but zero or near zero is enough to kill off some plants. And of course, temperatures can vary by area of Yellowknife. I’m in a lower area than my friend.
I’m likely to leave my whole crop outside soon for the duration of the season. This weekend will decide it.
A few years before he passed I heard Stan Hutrya (sp?) say around June 10 was a good time to plant. I’m not sure that he said that just for one year or all years. I’ve generally followed that date as a time when one can put both feet in, so to speak. Up to that point I’m still careful not to commit to putting tomatos in big pots or planters.

I’ll check the seven-day forecast this weekend and decide. I have been burned after the tenth, once before. An early morning low took out about a third of my tomatoes around mid June about 3-4 years back.

June 2 – Weather turns right nasty

Well things went from bad to worse on Thursday. The temperatures kept going down, the wind picked up and the snow started to flying. Just another June day in Yellowknife. So far my plants have survived. The main greenhouse was doing well – when it was hovering around zero it was about 7C. That’s not bad considering the clouds.

It went from 21C to 1C in less than 24 hours – crazy.


Environment Canada forecast:
Cloudy. 30 percent chance of flurries early this evening. Low zero.

Sunny with cloudy periods. High 6. UV index 4 or moderate.

Friday night
A few clouds. Low zero.

Sunny. High 9.

Sunny. Low plus 3. High 14.

Sunny. Low plus 4. High 15.

Sunny. Low 7. High 16.

Sunny. Low 7. High 17.


Environment Canada’s forecast has not looked good for outdoor gardens for the last couple of days, and it is looking worse. A low of zero now predicted. I’ve noticed the weather reports from the Mackenzie Valley communities have been showing dropping temps. Whatever is coming is coming from the north east it appears.

I’ll be bringing what I can inside, big stuff will go into the greenhouse, and covering up what has sprouted in the raised beds and planters by Friday evening (maybe sooner). Hopefully, the weather will be revised and/or the lows will be fleeting as they often are at this time of year.
Check out the forecast.
Issued : 11:00 AM MDT Wednesday 1 June 2011

Increasing cloudiness this afternoon. Wind south 30 km/h. High 21. UV index 5 or moderate.

Cloudy. 60 percent chance of showers this evening. Low plus 5.

Cloudy. Becoming sunny with cloudy periods in the afternoon. Wind becoming north 20 km/h early in the evening. High 8.

A mix of sun and cloud. Low zero. High 7.

A mix of sun and cloud. Low plus 1. High 9.

Sunny. Low plus 3. High 15.

Sunny. Low 9. High 17.

Sunny. Low 8. High 17.

Update June 1 -2011

Commerical garden centres/greenhouses across Yellowknife have had their plants in for about a week (and Arctic Farmer has had them for awhile now, and grow their own – cudos to them). Both places in Kam Lake had rosemary. I bought a few plants from each place. The stuff at the Garden of Eden (correct me if the name’s changed) was bigger but cost more than the two varieties sold by Arctic Farmer.

I also picked up some petunias and violas at CanTire.

I’ve transplanted my flowers into pots but I’m not hanging them on the lattice yet.
Some of the flower seeds – vines- have sprouted.

One the weekend we went wood cutting so I didn’t do much in the yard. I did manage to plant my potatoes and all my carrots.

I’ve been trying to tidy up the yard too.