Update June 1 -2011

Commerical garden centres/greenhouses across Yellowknife have had their plants in for about a week (and Arctic Farmer has had them for awhile now, and grow their own – cudos to them). Both places in Kam Lake had rosemary. I bought a few plants from each place. The stuff at the Garden of Eden (correct me if the name’s changed) was bigger but cost more than the two varieties sold by Arctic Farmer.

I also picked up some petunias and violas at CanTire.

I’ve transplanted my flowers into pots but I’m not hanging them on the lattice yet.
Some of the flower seeds – vines- have sprouted.

One the weekend we went wood cutting so I didn’t do much in the yard. I did manage to plant my potatoes and all my carrots.

I’ve been trying to tidy up the yard too.


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