June 8 Update

The weather was a big factor this weekend in Yellowknife. We had lows of around zero. Early Sunday Am, @ 1-2, there was ice forming in a puddle on my deck. One tomato plant in the greenhouse appears to be dead and another had the top hit, but the rest looks alright. The rest of my tomatoes in the greenhouse made it through. All my other plants and flowers were fine.

I saw the punishment a friend’s plants (tomatoes and other stuff) took over Sat night/Sun morning. Looks like the “new moon” wasn’t the best time to start – as a certain source in town was recommending. Last year the new moon was June 12, this year – June 1.
We may have not had frost but zero or near zero is enough to kill off some plants. And of course, temperatures can vary by area of Yellowknife. I’m in a lower area than my friend.
I’m likely to leave my whole crop outside soon for the duration of the season. This weekend will decide it.
A few years before he passed I heard Stan Hutrya (sp?) say around June 10 was a good time to plant. I’m not sure that he said that just for one year or all years. I’ve generally followed that date as a time when one can put both feet in, so to speak. Up to that point I’m still careful not to commit to putting tomatos in big pots or planters.

I’ll check the seven-day forecast this weekend and decide. I have been burned after the tenth, once before. An early morning low took out about a third of my tomatoes around mid June about 3-4 years back.


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