June 22 Update

Summer has arrived. This weekend was hot and the heat has continued. I wouldn’t be surprised if the weather on Aboriginal Day was a high for the record keeping books.

Saturday past brought me some good fortune.

We were heading to my son’s softball game and I spied a sign saying “free stuff” taped to a big window in front of a pile of stuff. So I dropped off my spouse and son and headed back…fearing that such a find would be gone. But woohoo, it was still there.

I asked the person. Is that really free? Really, I can take it? So what gives? I guess her partner and she had a debate over a glass door or a screen door. And I won out! (BTW, thanks again to them). Well it was 3′ by 6.5′ and now is, after some aches, pains and sweat, mounted on the front of my greenhouse. I think this window will tip the balance. I’m hoping to see better production and slightly more heat retention because of this. We’ll see.
And besides, any glass is better than opaque templast.
This four day weekend also marked the first foray into weed eating, brush cutting and grass edging with my faithful Stihl.
I moved my four mobile lettuce planters from the back forty to the side of the house where they will get way more sun. Also I planted potatoes (stuff left from last year’s crop) in two planters – that hadn’t been doing anything but collecting garbage and growing weeds.
Other than the above, just miscellaneous transplanting and lettuce seeding.
I’m getting geared up to re-seed the area of our lawn that didn’t make it over the winter. Not sure it will work. I’m thinking I never had the roots get deep enough to make it through the cold this past winter.


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