Tomato Update – Aug 1

Rain and more rain. Had to return early from camping. Grrrrr

Decided to do a tomato inventory.
As of Aug 1, the per plant fruit ratios, overall, stood at:
4.3 tomatoes per medium-sized varieties, 9.1 for small (cherry type) varieties.
The deck was actually slightly behind the green house, at 3.8/7.5 versus 4.5/7.7, medium/small.
I haven’t proofed my data so things could change.
The rate of growth in the number of fruit, roughly week over week since the beginning of July is as follows:
Overall July 2-9, 61%, 9-16 – 83%, 16-24, 48%, and July 24 to Aug 1, 49%.

Also, the skylight, that I just put in,  is leaking. The leaks are not between the metal frame and my wooden frames but rather in the seals – where the glass meets the factory metal. Easy enough to fix with some silicon.

July 25 Update

Weather returned to sun and low to mid 20s around Friday, after 4 days of cloud and some rain.
Overall the garden is doing well.
I picked up some more windows, installing three of them. The rest will go in next year. Pictures pending….

Tomato production is up from last year. Approximately 150 on 33 plants as of July 24, compared to about 100 on 32 plants around the end of July, last year. The deck appears to be doing better, on per plant basis at just over 5 per plant, compared to around 4 per plant in the greenhouse.
My first crop of basil was hacked down in order to make a pesto – that was very good. And, I’ve transplanted my second crop of basil into their final resting homes. Some have been planted in groups in big pots, others are in the greenhouse in a planter and some have their own pots. I’m expecting the ones in the greenhouse to do better than last year, now that they have skylight above them and a window directly in front of them.

I had to tie up and cage (on the deck) some more tomato plants. The one plant that had its branch nearly severed has recovered and is producing fruit.

The lettuce is doing very well. In fact, we have too much it seems.

The peas are a tangled mess. I’m going to have to try a new method of supporting them next year. Strings or something, as they are bending and being pulled from their weight and other vines, respectively.

All the rosemary plants have been transplanted now. I’ll save the best six to take in for the winter. Last year only 2 of six survived the long dark winter.

Everything is transplanted, excluding the lettuce – still have several dozen to plant till mid August.

Update – July 16

The garden is doing well.

I did tie up my tomato plants in the greenhouse, but one was not tied that well. A big branch bent over (most of the plant but no fruit yet).  Not sure it will make but now I tied it up too.

Overall tomato production appears to be way up from last year. Around the end of July 2010, I had about 100 tomatoes on 32 plants. Well as of July 9, I had 56 on about 33-34 plants. I’m about to go do another count.

The lettuce seed I sowed about 2 weeks ago has mostly come up. I think I’m going to continue with this method of seeding a tray without the plugs. The sprouts are easy enough to separate when transplanting, and they are less likely to back. Plus it is easier than filling 72 holes with dirt etc… Less plastic contact in the heat too. I may make some seeding trays out of wood – also would help with heat retention and heat control…no boiling….).

Peas are growing madly but I’m getting some of the same nonsense last year with some shoots dying. Not sure why. I think some pull others out. Trying to train them to grow up the bamboo and the chicken wire but it is like herding cats….

Planning to venture in the compost. I think I may dump it in a pit and with loose dirt via a sieve of sorts….we’ll see.

Anyway later, and happy gardening to all….

BTW, weird bug activity.
Just like last year, there was this birth of 100s of white flies. They don’t seem to cause a problem but they just appeared everywhere around the garden on the deck and my standing planters below the deck. Weird. Any insights anyone?

And, I saw this strange bug, moving from petunia to petunia flower a few days back…feasting on the nectar as far as I could tell. It had a body at least an inch, maybe two long. The abdomen was stripped – white and black (was looking through a screen). The wings were largish…moth size and were moving like a hummingbird’s wings…well… ‘ish. And it had a set of attennae on the head (kind of curly/spirally at the ends). It was sort of a cross between a moth and a bee. Mothbee? Anyone have any insights?

July 2

Thinned my beets and carrots yesterday. Also, planted a few more carrot and beet seeds to fill up some empty spaces.
One Early Girl in the greenhouse has a couple of tomatoes on it. By the size I’d say they appeared June 30th or maybe the 29th.
Lettuce I seeded two weeks ago is not yet up. Hmmmm
Seeded some more. I think the heat and moisture may have combined to boil them.