Tomato Update – Aug 1

Rain and more rain. Had to return early from camping. Grrrrr

Decided to do a tomato inventory.
As of Aug 1, the per plant fruit ratios, overall, stood at:
4.3 tomatoes per medium-sized varieties, 9.1 for small (cherry type) varieties.
The deck was actually slightly behind the green house, at 3.8/7.5 versus 4.5/7.7, medium/small.
I haven’t proofed my data so things could change.
The rate of growth in the number of fruit, roughly week over week since the beginning of July is as follows:
Overall July 2-9, 61%, 9-16 – 83%, 16-24, 48%, and July 24 to Aug 1, 49%.

Also, the skylight, that I just put in,  is leaking. The leaks are not between the metal frame and my wooden frames but rather in the seals – where the glass meets the factory metal. Easy enough to fix with some silicon.


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