Lows of 5C – Aug 31

Getting cold brrrr…I’m not ready to harvest it all yet…..if it gets a couple of degrees lower then I may have to go for it. Too close to the possibility of a frost or zero/sub-zero death temp….

Aug 28th update

Tomatoes continue to ripen. Early girl, as the name suggests, continues to lead the way amongst the medium sized ones. I have had one or two Manitobans and Bonny Bests…
The small ones are all ripening about the same pace.
We’ve been enjoying tomato sandwiches and my spouse is planning to make a bruschetta for tonight with the tomatos I picked today. We have tons of basil. Next year I’ll be focusing more on basil.
The lettuce is starting bolt, and the newer ones are slow to grow now that things have been a bit soggy. The weather has been a bit better lately, though it seems we can’t go 24 hours without a shower. I may risk some painting this afternoon.
It is probably time to harvest some potatoes. We’ve been enjoying beets and carrots for a couple of weeks now. A neighbour, up the street, served us some of their potatoes last week – very tender and tasty.

Aug 16

Rain, rain, rain and more rain. We’ve entered the soggy August period typical of Yellowknfie. It isn’t that cold yet…but it is coming….single digit lows forecasted…

Everything is doing fine. Need to do an inventory of ripe tomatoes.