Aug 16

Rain, rain, rain and more rain. We’ve entered the soggy August period typical of Yellowknfie. It isn’t that cold yet…but it is coming….single digit lows forecasted…

Everything is doing fine. Need to do an inventory of ripe tomatoes.



2 thoughts on “Aug 16

  1. Hello from New Zealand! So so relieved to see that gardening in Yellowknife is not only possible, but appears highly successful! I’m really impressed at the produce you are getting. My husband and I are moving to Canada (most likely NWT) next year for him to work as a pilot. I was dreading sacrificing gardening, so needless to say your blog is very pleasing! Keep posting, I’d love to hear more of the climate up there 🙂

    1. Wow, that’s quite a distance to move.
      It is a short but intense season in Yellowknife. We generally get a lot of sunshine up here. Lettuce and herbs grow well, as do carrots, beets and potatoes. Tomatoes grow well but you usually have to pick half of them green. Some varieties are better than others when it comes to ripening on the vine.

      Of course, it wouldn’t be like NZ – which I heard is somewhat like the West Coast of British Columbia? I’m originally from southern Vancouver Island but wasn’t that much into gardening untill a few years after moving up here.

      They probably get 6-7 months of frost free weather on the southern coast of BC. But here we usually get around 3 months (early/mid June to early/mid Sept)occasionally more without subzero/frost etc. The early part of the season can be extended if you have a greenhouse. We get a lot of sun, and because it doesn’t get dark for long, the low temps are often just a couple of hours. I’ve had lettuce make it through -8/-9C….and have started it as early as mid April in the greenhouse.

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