Sept 19 – Lettuce consolidation

I’ve decided to move my lettuce into the greenhouse and build some cold frames to keep them extra warm during the coming days of inevitably colder weather.
I’m filling two of my tomato planters up with lettuce transplanted from various places around the yard. Each planter will have a one foot high box – with templast (hard translucent plastic) walls. (pics to follow).
Hopefully this will extend things a bit and allow for a couple more salads. In the spring these will come in handy for an early start to the year, for lettuce and other plants.

Tues Morning 1 C & Frost

So September 13th had a killing frost…though not everything succumbed to it.
I had picked all my tomatoes and basil the night before but it was interesting/predictable to see what died and what didn’t from the frost. All the tomato plants on the deck were dead but none in the greenhouse. Some basil in the greenhouse died, some didn’t – about 50:50 ( note I could tell by the state of the smaller leaves I hadn’t picked). All the lettuce seemed fine outside, as did the carrots. However, some potatoes I started on Aboriginal Day died. I’ll dig them up and see if anything was produced.
As for flowers, the petunias were fine and so were the sweet peas. Naustersiums died, but I think some beans survived.

Naturally, the weather has improved. High of 16 predicted today. Very windy.

Grrrrr and Brrrrrr Zero predicted tonight/Tues AM

It is that time once again to play russian roulette with the garden and the temperature.
If the gardern could survive zero, there is a prediction of warmer weather for the next few days.
No idea how long the temp will be zero, so I think I’m going to harvest my tomatoes and basil in the greenhouse tonight. I’ll leave the lettuce and carrots, plus some extra potatoes I grew, to face the cold.

Last night I harvested all the tomatoes on my deck. Plus I pulled up all the beets yesterday.
I brought my pepper plants in last night. I’ll be bringing in the rosemary soon enough – maybe half of them tonight. I think it can handle this weather as it is rated to handle sub-zero temperatures – one claimed -23C…hmmmm.

Sept 3

Planning to harvest most of my potatoes this weekend. The weather, and the seven day forecast, has definitely improved but I think they must be ready…will find out anyway.
Tomatoes continue to ripen. Lettuce I transplanted about 2-3 weeks ago is slow to get going. Likely slow because of the cooler wet temps. The sun in the forecast should get things going…hopefully.