Tues Morning 1 C & Frost

So September 13th had a killing frost…though not everything succumbed to it.
I had picked all my tomatoes and basil the night before but it was interesting/predictable to see what died and what didn’t from the frost. All the tomato plants on the deck were dead but none in the greenhouse. Some basil in the greenhouse died, some didn’t – about 50:50 ( note I could tell by the state of the smaller leaves I hadn’t picked). All the lettuce seemed fine outside, as did the carrots. However, some potatoes I started on Aboriginal Day died. I’ll dig them up and see if anything was produced.
As for flowers, the petunias were fine and so were the sweet peas. Naustersiums died, but I think some beans survived.

Naturally, the weather has improved. High of 16 predicted today. Very windy.


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