Anecedotes and an update

I can’t say I am big on fried green tomatoes. At least not the ones I grew. Apparently this variety sold in Yellowknife, “F1”, ripen yellow but can be eaten green, like any variety I suppose. None of mine ripened. Oddly though, they have been sitting on a plate all winter long in our kitchen and don’t look much worse for wear than they did the day I picked them. And yes, I did have them in a paper bag for a month or so in the fall after harvest.
I won’t be bothering with these tomatoes this year.

Planning to plant tomato seeds next weekend. It will be similar to last year, except I have one new variety that I picked up at the local CanTire. Need to look over the results from last year and make some decisions.

I have been building planter boxes for potatoes, beets, carrots and lettuce. These will be raised to a height of just under a metre, similar to the tomato boxes built last year. They’ll be eight feet long and two feet wide, at various depths. Once filled with dirt they’ll be very hard, if not impossible to move.