April 25

Planted a few more seeds this noon – very warm in GH. Unfortunately, last night’s plant may not have made it. Top layer of soil was frozen this morning.

April 24 – Living on the edge

Two boxes painted and two more sanded. The weather was nice on Sat and good enough on Sunday.
Planted a tray of basil on Saturday.
Tonight I put some lettuce seeds in the greenhouse. I will throw a few in each night over the next few nights. The lows are a bit much but the light is coming on.

April 20 Update

All five boxes contructed and one has been sanded.
Tomatos doing well. I threw in a few more seeds just to have some back up plants.
I think I will plant some basil in bulk this weekend. Lettuce…maybe…waiting for some warming days and nights… Lows are just acceptable @-9C for the greenhouse…not light long enuff though…..

April 14

Planted tomato seeds on March 30. So far most have sprouted. Might plant a few more to make up for those that didn’t. However, I think I have enough – somewhere around 25 plants.
I have been building raised planters. So far three are completed as far as the wood goes (sanding and painting of the outsides, plus lining and filling still to do be done), one has legs and one more a bottom.
The snow was melting quite fast but the cold returned with unseasonable lows. I like the sun, though. Getting down to – 20C tonight..highs of around -8C or so.
Will start some basil soon. This will be the year of basil for my garden.
The night time lows are forecasted to get better near Thursday/Friday. So I may plant some lettuce seed in the greenhouse.