May 30 Update Weather is Great, Mosquitos are not

Nice and hot in Yellowknife, since May 26th.
Hopefully we’ll avoid lows around freezing that seem to come around the first 7-10 days in June.
Planted carrots and beets last night while battling mosquitos.
Spent 10 hours on building and installing a window in the roof of my main Greenhouse this weekend/week past.
Lettuce has been put in one upright planter, soon will sort out the second.
Getting ready to plant potatoes.
Basil has been put in orginal upright planters, as has lettuce in the second greenhouse.
Some flowers (vines) have been transplanted.
More to tell, though no time.

May 20

Managed to go wood cutting yesterday. It was drizzling in YK when we left @ 9Am. On the way to the spot, 140KM (west) out of town, it was raining on and off again. Luckily, we managed to cut most of the day with nothing more than some very light rain. A few big mosquitos were around but nothing like it will be in a week or two….
Today we seem to be in for mixed rain and cloud. I’ll be transplanting some tomatoes that are in a desparate need for some more room, and fresh soil (getting yellow).
I might do some end of season maintenance on my skidoos.
Probably time to plant some more flower seed in the yard (poppies).
Cleaned off a portion of our deck last Tuesday and prepped it for a staining. Well, still waiting for the sun…..

May 17

Raining, again. Well at least it isn’t snowing like it was yesterday.
Lettuce (mostly mustard) is coming in my small planter boxes.
Some lettuce has sprouted in my big planter box.
No sign of the peas yet.
Transplanted Basil on Saturday. I have about 5 dozen plants. It took about 2 hours to separate them from the tray I sprouted them in. Luckily the roots were not tangled.

May 11 Update – One month to go before plants are safe outdoors

Snow is gone from the yard, but the weather has been kind of mixed (rain, sun, cloud). Temperatures have not been too low at night, though, thus things have survived in the greenhouse.

I have filled four planter boxes with dirt, with one more remaining.

I’ve planted micro greens (baby/mesc.mustard) in four boxes of my multi-box planter (ground level).
I’ve transplanted lettuce into pots in the green house. Still small but I have several dozen separated from their sprouting location. And, I have planted lettuce in one of my upright planter boxes. I had to cut the one of my old lids I had for my raised beds down to size for the new box.
Tomatoes are doing well. Some of them will be requiring transplant into larger pots. The basil requires some transplanting from their sprouting box.

I have been musing about adding another window or two to the greenhouse. I need more light in there and I need to stop a leak in the same area as where I would add the window (solve two problems at once)

May 2 – Update

Weather looks good for the next few days.
Some of the lettuce planted on Tues April 24th, came up a week later. And some of the lettuce planted April 25 came up on Monday.
Transplanted most of my tomatoes into bigger pots (6″ and 4″).
Basil is coming up.
I have been putting plants outside in a greenhouse since the weekend. The sun itself is enough but the breeze is a bit rough on the tomatoes. Basil is low to the ground and taking the wind well.
Might put a Rosemary plant outside now that the evening temperatures are getting above zero. Apparently it can w/stand sub-zero temps but I don’t want to risk all of them.
Sanded the potato box and have painted the bottoms of the legs of 4 planter boxes.
Turned the water on for outside on Sunday, too.