May 2 – Update

Weather looks good for the next few days.
Some of the lettuce planted on Tues April 24th, came up a week later. And some of the lettuce planted April 25 came up on Monday.
Transplanted most of my tomatoes into bigger pots (6″ and 4″).
Basil is coming up.
I have been putting plants outside in a greenhouse since the weekend. The sun itself is enough but the breeze is a bit rough on the tomatoes. Basil is low to the ground and taking the wind well.
Might put a Rosemary plant outside now that the evening temperatures are getting above zero. Apparently it can w/stand sub-zero temps but I don’t want to risk all of them.
Sanded the potato box and have painted the bottoms of the legs of 4 planter boxes.
Turned the water on for outside on Sunday, too.


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