May 11 Update – One month to go before plants are safe outdoors

Snow is gone from the yard, but the weather has been kind of mixed (rain, sun, cloud). Temperatures have not been too low at night, though, thus things have survived in the greenhouse.

I have filled four planter boxes with dirt, with one more remaining.

I’ve planted micro greens (baby/mesc.mustard) in four boxes of my multi-box planter (ground level).
I’ve transplanted lettuce into pots in the green house. Still small but I have several dozen separated from their sprouting location. And, I have planted lettuce in one of my upright planter boxes. I had to cut the one of my old lids I had for my raised beds down to size for the new box.
Tomatoes are doing well. Some of them will be requiring transplant into larger pots. The basil requires some transplanting from their sprouting box.

I have been musing about adding another window or two to the greenhouse. I need more light in there and I need to stop a leak in the same area as where I would add the window (solve two problems at once)


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