Purple Haze and June 20 Update

Weather is still nice and the seven-day forecast is for sun and temps in the low 20s.
Tomatoes are doing well. One Manitoba has a tomato – appeared around Jun 14.
We had some lettuce last night – first of the season from my secondary greenhouse. Too warm for it in there, so limp, but it still tasted good.
Lettuce in the deck planter is doing real well and will be ready soon.
Mixed mesclun/micro greens coming along slowly.
Flower seeds, acquired from a friend down the street, are coming up.
Basil is coming along. Planted some purple thai basil – seeds from another friend – this week,
Other than lettuce and basil, most of my transplanting is done.
Started some more potatoes and purple haze carrots – purple on the outside and orange on the inside (cook to a complete orange state). Potatoes planted @3 weeks ago are doing well.
Peas are coming along. Put a few more seeds in.
I will be paying more attention to my front lawn now. A good portion of the grass I planted last year came back, which was better than my attempts from 2010. Still, there are some big bald spots – filling up w/ weeds.

Need to take some photos….


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