Photos – July 26


4 thoughts on “Photos – July 26

  1. Love your blog! We’re relocating to YK from Kelowna BC, where the heat just makes everything grow and then wilt. I’m excited for attempting to garden there even though the season is just about over. We lived in Nunavut before where all I had was an aero garden:)

    1. Wow, that’s quite the contrasting locations Nunavut and Kelowna. I’m originally from Saanich, B.C..
      Welcome to Yellowknife.
      I can’t say that Yellowknife is right in the middle, but we do get a lot of sun and a lot of light. The two together make for an intense but short growing season. The earlier you can start the better. By this time of year, we often are dipping below zero. Not continually, but enough to wipe some stuff out. Also, it is getting darker now and I find things, lettuce for one, grow slowly even though they tolerate the cold. In the mid to late spring you can get started indoors and out ( via a green house, cold frame, plastic etc). The lows are more extreme on the way into the gardening season but they don’t last as long on daily basis, relative to the low temps of the late summer and early fall.

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