Apr 28 Update

Weather is still unseasonably cold in Yellowknife. Lows dropping into the teens and below. Looks like the weather is going to change by mid week. Might be able to plant some stuff outside (peas, lettuce) by next weekend.
Planted basil and some vines this weekend, under lights.
Had to plant more lettuce as my original planting didn’t pan out. The soil was way to wet. I didn’t dampened soil in another container first; instead I just kept pouring water over the soil until it was wet enough to put seeds in. This is not a good idea in general – which I stated to my spouse as I did it anyway…hmmmm. Way too much moisture, and the basement is rather cool. The result was moss! Sprinkled some cinnamon on it to help counteract the moss and mold and brought it upstairs. Might salvage a few plants.

Tomatoes are doing well, though.

Bad start

Starting plantsIMG_1922

April 18-Update

The weather is too cold at night to bother starting seeds in my greenhouse. Still waiting for the lows to drop below -10C.

Most of my tomatoes began sprouting on April the 9th. On the 13th I planted more seeds in the plugs that hadn’t sprouted – mostly older seeds.

Started a mass plant of lettuce indoors: Romaine, Iceberg, Small Butterhead and Red Romaine.
Most of the lettuce varieties I planted have long maturity timelines…up to 70 days.

I’m thinking of starting some more indoors that will be ready in about 40 days. One of the problems is that I have dozens of heads ready for harvest in early July but nothing much in June. It would be nice to be self-sufficient sooner in lettuce. My spouse (primarily), my son and I eat about six small to medium sized heads a day.

I’d prefer to start my lettuce outside, so that it is hardier for early transplant, but starting inside is likely what is needed to get a jump start on things. Lettuce started in April, in the greenhouse, grows very slowly. The benefit of starting in the greenhouse, or straight in their final resting spots, is that you don’t have to transplant as much and you have the space.

Tomatoes started

Started tomatoes on April 2nd. Should start coming up any day now. Weather has turned as of yesterday. Snow melting. Still a bit cold at night. Will be throwing a few lettuce seeds in the greenhouse soon.