June 3 Update

Weather looks good for the next seven days w/ no lows near zero in the forecast. It has been nice for the last two weeks.

All my flowers are in, planted some potatoes, carrots and beets (spouting).
Planted some garlic a good friend passed along to me.

Some of the flowers I seeded last year, seeds I also attained from another good friend, appear to have come back. They never went to flower so I wasn’t holding out much hope.

Tomatoes have been either transplanted into bigger pots or put in their beds in the green house. The two beds I planted them in can be covered up for extra protection if necessary.
Basil has been transplanted, and will be put in their beds next weekend if all looks well.
Transplanted and planted several dozen lettuce plants.
The grass I planted last year didn’t come back…or not yet. I think the soil underneath is not deep enough for it to root properly. I may not bother this year, or concentrate on other parts of the lawn.


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