June 15 Update – New moon has since come and all is good

Garden made it through some cooler nights about 5 to 6 days ago. It never went below @4C but I brought half my tomatoes and all my basil in for several nights (a friend, up the street, lost a load of basil sprouts around this time but they are closer to the lake). By Wednesday, everything stayed outside. We’ve had a lot of rain and wind, and today is bleak.

Garden is getting the best water it can – from the sky – and it is growing well.

Russian Blue and Pontiac (i think) potatoes I planted about three weeks ago have come up nicely (last year’s leftovers). The seed potatoes in the previous post have been planted in a couple of planters on the edge of the yard.

The Haskaps planted last year have berries forming on them so the cross pollination of the two varieties worked. The Saskatoons are flowering nicely – look forward to them. One Gooseberry bush has come back nicely, as it did last year. I think I have a bush growing naturally near it.

Mustard plants are huge – usually I just grow them as part of a mass planting of micro greens but this time I put some in a large stand up planter.

Beets have been up for some time and I have planted more in barren spots. Carrots have started popping up – need to weed and add more seed in spots.

Garlic is growing nicely. Some perennial flowers are doing well throughout the yard – slowly coming up.

I put in my basil in the large GH. And have planted all my tomatoes – nine on the deck and 19 in the large GH. I’ve started to ready my other GH for more basil. I made bust a move and make some windows for it before I plant.


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