July 3 Update

Heat wave has ended but it is still warm. We’ve had rain for the last couple of days.
June 24 it was 30C or hotter. It was so hot I had tip burn on some of my lettuce. A few lettuce plants in the backyard got hit but everything else was fine.
Everything is growing quite well. Will have to take some more pics soon.
Removed two choke cherry trees on the weekend because they were infested with small white flies. The same flies that were attacking my basil last year, and had started again. The flies liked the new growth on the trees. The cherries are not really good for anything short of adding a ton of sugar to them. So it was time for them to go. I have them in big pots (cut right back) and am deciding their fate. I’ve seen a couple of ladybugs around the yard this year but not enough to take care of these flies.
Replaced the choke cherries with Saskatoons. Saskatoons that I have planted a few years back are looking like they will produce their best harvest yet.
Haskap berries, planted last year, are almost ready.
We had so much red mustard we’re cooking it. Frying it up with garlic and butter a la spinach. It is such a strong taste in a salad you can only use a little.


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