July 25-Update

Weather has turned nice again.
On around July the 16th we hit a low of 3.4 C in Yellowknife. It was apparently a record low for that day. Plants survived but the tomatoes outside the greenhouse took a bit of blow. They’ve since recovered but have that late August yellowy look to them – whereas the ones in the greenhouse were fine.
July 22-24 marks the first tomatoes turning red (about 35-37 days after the first tomatoes appeared).
The Red Alert (cherry sized) variety was first to have some red fruit, followed by what I believe to be Early Girl (medium sized). I have a couple of plants that have been mixed up. Hopefully just the two.
Some of the golden cherry variety are starting to turn yellow on the deck too (@July 24).
Haskap berries have finished for the season. I look forward to next year’s crop with twice the number of bushes planted.
Saskatoon berries are ripening. Should be a bumper crop.
Lettuce – didn’t plant enough this year. I’m catching up now but haven’t been able to keep a steady supply going this month. I think I’m over the deficit now as second growth from harvested heads are starting to get to a harvestable size.
Peas are doing well. In fact they are growing well into the sky (above my lattice). We’ve started harvesting them.
Carrots, beets and potatoes all seem to be doing well.
Basil is doing very well and is healthy – no bugs! Removing the choke cherry trees from their proximity to the greenhouse, and well out of the yard, may have solved the problem. Also, I have seen the odd lady bug, plus other insect eating insects, around the greenhouse.


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