Sept 9 Update

It got down to 2 Celsius for about an hour, and 3C for about two hours about a week ago (sometime early in morning around 3 to 6AM. Given the forecast was a for a low of 5 degrees, it was a warning of what is come soon. That said, later last week and on the weekend it warmed up to almost twice the averages with highs around the mid 20s.

I think that low last week was the usual one that happens in around the first week of September. In the past two or three years I ended up picking my tomatoes for fear of them freezing on the vine. This year I let them stay on the vine and so far so good. Even though people reported frost on their windshields in some parts around town, my tomatoes, and garden as a whole, were fine.

Pretty windy right now. Cooler weather forecast but it looks good till the weekend…well good until it isn’t.