May 1, 2014 Update

No signs of lettuce sprouting in greenhouse but have managed a couple of weeds. Planted some lettuce seeds on April 18th, and then again on April 26th. The second bunch probably has a better chance but the weather has been up and down. Gets quite cold some nights. It is suppose to go down to -14C tonight (well around 5Am or so). We have had about a centimetre or two of blowing snow (under an inch). Weekend weather looks cool but likely sunny (fingers crossed).

Also planted some nasturtium seeds (seeds from last years crop) in pots in the greenhouse. It will be interesting to see if they make it.

I have been digging up planter boxes and moving dirt around. Soon will add manure, peat and sand to the boxes to fresh’n things up.

Finished another lettuce planter box – picture to come – for the deck. Also have started building four new 8′ sections of lattice for the deck. Will eventually get some peas going on them and some flowering vines.

Transplanted tomatoes into larger containers this past weekend – still under lights. Also seeded some more basil, and previous seeding (about two weeks ago) has sprouted (also under lights). Tonight I seeded some lettuce to be started under lights inside just in case the ones in the greenhouse don’t start. Likely should have done this sooner. As it won’t be long til lettuce will be able to survive outside in the planter boxes – covered at night perhaps. Need to make note of this as I tend to forget to get a good wave of lettuce seeded sooner than later as it takes awhile to build a critical mass of supply for my spouse’s insatiable demand.

Until tonight, the snow had pretty much had melted outside of mounds and places in the woods.

Buds showing on the Saskatoon Berries (even though the base of the plants are well covered in snow) and Haskap Berries look to be showing fresh growth.

Need to finish working the dirt (turning and juicing up w/ fresh stuff) in the planter boxes. Will soon be starting on my large multi-box ground level planter.


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