May 7 – 2014

Weather looks like it is improving where the overnight lows are not predicted to be in the double digit negatives anymore. Seeded lettuce, various micro greens, in my new planter with cold frame on it last night. Seeded some more lettuce – endive – in the greenhouse and some vines tonight.

I’ve been turning soil where I can. Putting cold frames on the planters has really helped to thaw the dirt.

One thing I figured out is that nasturtium seeds have shells that need to be broken into to get at the actual seed. Ooops. Only noticed this when I looked at some store bought seeds.

Planted some lettuce and vine seeds inside for the living room window a couple days ago or so.

Some lettuce has sprouted under my lights in the basement. Tomatoes are doing well. Basil is slow – as it usually is for the first 2/3 weeks after sprouting.

More later….




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