June 9th Update

Weather looks good now. Lows are high enough to prevent damage to most plants. Highs getting into the low 20s and plenty of sun.

Transplanted tomatoes into bigger pots as they had much of the nutrients washed out of them. They had been in small pots for several weeks.

Bought some perennials (such as hollyhock, delpheniums, daiseys) that are supposedly rated to -46C. I bought them from the greenhouse across the street from Arctic Farmer. Planted a few on the southside of the yard, some in the rock garden and some out front.

Lettuce is growing slowly.

June 5 – Overnight low 3C

Overnight low of 3C predicted for the early morning hours.

Fortunately, Environment Canada’s forecast of zero C was off. It only got down to 3C as cloud cover increased around 2 AM well before the usual low temp time.

Planted more beets and carrots. Turned more boxes.

Weather alert – Zero C

Low of zero forecasted for the early hours this Thursday morning.

Yesterday’s forecast of a low of 2C turned into a low of 1C for about three hours earlier this morning. So we could have the potential for some damage if it stays a zero or lower for very long.

My plants survived that were in the greenhouses and outside last night, fingers crossed for tonight.

Forecast of 2C overnight

Looks like a cold one for the early hours this Wednesday morning. It was 3 C for about an hour around 4Am Tuesday morning.

Put a lot of my flowers in the greenhouse, along with lettuce, vines and some basil. Brought my tomatoes and a tray of basil in.

Saw lettuce and arugula from seeds from last year’s plants coming back when I was turning some soil where I had planted micro greens. I have heard of some leafy greens being able to come back, despite sub-40C temperatures during the winter, but this is the first time I’ve seen it in my yard. I transplanted much of the sprouts into a tray so I can plant them again, once I turn and mix in new soil.


June 2nd Update

Weather has remained pretty good. We are in for some overnight lows of 3 to 5C over the next three nights or so. Decided to bring in my tomatoes but left everything else out.

Bought flowers and have transplanted them. I have been planting more lettuce as well as transplanting sprouts into individual containers.

Managed to get all my hoses connected. I’m going to slowly replace some my cheaper hoses w/ high end hoses. Not going to panic but some of mine are cheap ones that cost about $5 on sale at a certain spot (50′ heavy duty). The can be the risk of chemical leaching and lead leaching. I think if you remember to purge them before using the water, then you are probably golden. One of the cheapo ones is leaking at the end, while my expensive Gardena 100′ hose has worked w/out any leaks for seven years or more now.

I have prepped both my beet and carrot planters – and seeded one row in each. I have also planted some potatoes I bought. I have some more to plant from last years leftovers.

Hope to get some pics up soon.