June 2nd Update

Weather has remained pretty good. We are in for some overnight lows of 3 to 5C over the next three nights or so. Decided to bring in my tomatoes but left everything else out.

Bought flowers and have transplanted them. I have been planting more lettuce as well as transplanting sprouts into individual containers.

Managed to get all my hoses connected. I’m going to slowly replace some my cheaper hoses w/ high end hoses. Not going to panic but some of mine are cheap ones that cost about $5 on sale at a certain spot (50′ heavy duty). The can be the risk of chemical leaching and lead leaching. I think if you remember to purge them before using the water, then you are probably golden. One of the cheapo ones is leaking at the end, while my expensive Gardena 100′ hose has worked w/out any leaks for seven years or more now.

I have prepped both my beet and carrot planters – and seeded one row in each. I have also planted some potatoes I bought. I have some more to plant from last years leftovers.

Hope to get some pics up soon.


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