Yellowknife weather – apocalyptic

Orange sky around 6:30
Orange sky around 6:30

dark dinner hour YK smoke yk yellow sky

Starting around 4:30/5:00 the sky went from grey to black to orange back to grey and then smoke. Yes, and some yellow in there as well. First photo is mine the other three are off twitter feeds from the CBC article below.

Check out photos on link below:



2 thoughts on “Yellowknife weather – apocalyptic

  1. two years ago we had a tornado whip through my mother’s neighborhood (2miles up the street here in Vero Beach) In the 20mins before this happened, the sky in town turned the strangest unnatural green (like pea soup) and the wind blew so fiercely it bent palm trees at 90degree angles and snapped huge Live Oak branches into shards. Scariest/noisiest event ever…I tell you all this because what you’ve shown from Yellowknife looks 1000x worse…I’d have sh*t my pants!!!!

    1. Wow that sounds crazy. We don’t get winds like that here (50-60mph max on rare occasions). I grew up on the West Coast of British Columbia and the winds got pretty bad but not like you would have in Florida. In fact, other than extreme cold we don’t get much in the way of extreme weather in the north. The combo of the smoke and thunder storm made for some pretty wild skies. I found the pitch black disconcerting but interesting, a novelty – as if there was a solar eclipse. All we would have needed to make it worse was a power outage at the same time (we have had daily outages last week b/c fires and lightening strikes). That said, the air quality index hit 27 during the whole event – you could really feel it even inside (a small taste of life in much of China). Ten is supposed to be the highest of the scale they use – at seven healthy people are advised not to engage in extreme activities (exercising). It is back down to around 3 today. Also, things cooled down yesterday – from around 80F to 55F. Heading back up the next few days to the 70s. Could still use more rain.

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