April 25-26 Weekend Update

Tomatoes are doing well. A bit yellow – likely from over watering. Need to transplant soon.

Lettuce and basil do well inside.

More lettuce popping up in the GH and making it thru -16C lows.

Weather is overcast and not all that warm (nicer today than yesterday).

Going to seed more lettuce in greenhouse. Will seed some in a planter when I can get my planter covers out of the ice. Memo: pull them out before the melt begins.

April 22 Update

April 18-19 seeded some more lettuce and some nasturtiums in the greenhouse.

Reseeded plugs status: All but one have come up – some doubles. On track to have three dozen plants.

Basil is doing well.

I have started turning raised beds that have benefited from being in sun all day long.

April 22 – first lettuce has sprouted in GH. Planted April 11/12 so quite impressive though lettuce seed has that ability to hold out to the cold. Nights have been in the minus teens since.

April 13 Update

April 11 – planted some lettuce in Green House. Will plant more this coming weekend.

April 12 – 32 tomatoes out of 36 have sprouted. Reseeded four.

Planted more basil and some lettuce (inside).

April 13 – have some basil sprouts.

Weather was nice here on Saturday but now is cool again.

April 3 – Tomato seeds planted

The Tomato Report is taking way too long. More a matter of getting around to doing it but I did waste time fiddling around with my results. Figured out I might as well put all my data into Access and spit out five years at once. I had been using a combination of results from 2010 to 2012 in excel tables and running #s for 2013 and 2014 from Access which was too messy. In short, Early Girl (hybrid) and Manitoba medium sized varieties have been the best two performers over the last five years. Both of these varieties were from seeds purchased at Canadian Tire. The best cherry tomatoes were pretty much all of them. Some were a bit better than others but it is tough to cut any one variety from the roster. This year I’m seeding for 36 plants. I planted on March 31. I’d say any time in until about midish April for sowing tomato seed indoors (instructions on packs are to start indoors 6 to 8 weeks before last frost – which is near the middle/end of the second week of June). My plants are started under florescent lights. I’ve been doing this for several years now and the lights work well. Medium:

  • 6 Early Girl
  • 4 Manitoba
  • 4 Duchess*
  • 4 Scotia*


  • 3 Chocolate Cherry
  • 3 Golden Cherry
  • 2 Honey Bee
  • 2 Yellow Pear
  • 2 Red Pear
  • 3 Red Alert
  • 3 Tiny TIm*

* All varieties I haven’t planted before. Duchess and Scotia are from Vesey’s and Tiny Tim is from Canadian Tire. I plan to start Basil next weekend – a bit early perhaps but what the heck. I do at least two crops of Basil. Lettuce will be next – inside and out (greenhouse). I’m planning to change things up this year. I’m cutting back on potatoes. Not sure the point of growing them anyway in large amounts when you don’t have much space. I’m also going to mix up tomatoes, lettuce and root vegetables in the same boxes. I may put a tiny tim tomato plant in a hanging basket. I want to look at how the tomatoes did in the greenhouse in terms of where they were placed. From my memory, some areas generally sucked for fruit production and may be best to leave for basil.