May 27 update and Minus 2 tonight

Could get down to minus 2 overnight. Usual last whip of the tail end of winter.


* Currently readying planter boxes for lettuce.

* Seeded beets and carrots in two planters (left the middle of each box for tomatoes).

* Planted potatoes in two small boxes. Will plant more in large pots.

* Seeded trays of basil and lettuce a week or so ago. Lettuce has come up but not the basil. Basil seedlings I do have are a bit rough looking and some have died from wind burn and being too dry.

* Lettuce sprouts are doing well.

* Peas -those planted first in early May – are coming up.

* Seeded more nasturtiums, morning glory and some other vines. Nasturtiums have sprouted – all from seeds from last year’s crop.

Waiting for maybe the weekend or next week to start planting lettuce in the planters. Tomatoes will follow when the lows are safely above zero around June 11 or at least the time of the new moon (June 16th). In other words, combining the long-term forecast prior to these dates.



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