June 4, 2015 Weather & Update

Well this likely pretty obvious to most but everything looks good for the next week – likely good for the season now.

Busy putting stuff in beds, planters and pots. Really just time to get at it all now, but so far:

  • Almost half my tomatoes are in;
  • Most of my first basil crop that survived is in;
  • Most of the carrot seed that is going in is in (save for reseeding) and same with the beets;
  • peas are coming up in all four boxes now;
  • Some potatoes are in;
  • About 10 dozen heads of lettuce are in their final spots; and
  • Bees are working over time on the flowers on the Haskaps.

Bought small six packs of petunias from Can Tire. Almost a third of the cost of their larger six packs so beware. I find petunias are good bang for the buck, lasting long…all season long. Also bought some Rosemary from Arctic Farmer to replace the two plants I fried with temps below minus ten in early May (one actually survived, barely).


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