Mid July Update

Garden is generally doing better than last year. More rain so far than last and not so bad on the smoke.

Tomatoes are looking better, more of them and some red ones as early July.

Lettuce is more plentiful but is still having a slow time in the planter boxes. OTOH, the lettuce is doing quite well in a raised bed in the back yard – lusher, bigger and growing faster.

Haskap harvest is in full swing and I expect the Saskatoon berries to starrt in 10-14 days….perhaps less. Raspberries show promise too.

Basil pretty good but overall size of crop, or speed of, was slowed due to several plants getting burned badly in their early days.

Flowers and peas doing well too.

If we get sun now for the next week or so, and no or little smoke, I think things will do well. Some more rain in 3 days or so wouldn’t be a bad thing either.