2016 Gardening Season Begins

The 2016 gardening season officially started yesterday at our home.  A bit early perhaps but what the heck….

I planted seeds for 4.5 dozen tomato plants; 3 dozen cherry tomatoes (12 Tiny Tim, 6 Honey Bee, 6 Golden Cherry, 6 Red Alert, 3 Yellow Pear and 3 Chocolate Cherry) and 18 medium sized tomatoes (6 Early Girl, 4 Manitoba, 4 Duchess and 4 Scotia).

My decision to plant these varieties, and in said amounts, is based on past results (e.g., what yielded the most), the fact that tomatoes appear to better in my stand up boxes, my desire to move away from potatoes, failure of beets to do well, and the size of the container plugs I was using (6 packs). I went nuts on the Tiny Tim because they appear to do well and, most of all, are small compact plants – and hopefully they’ll do well my multi-box. The multi-box is going to get one more year to see if I can grow anything in it (lettuce was meh…). If not, I think I’m going to pull it out and put in a more convention raised bed for vegetables.

Plan to start some basil soon too. This year will be a big basil year, and will be trying to put some in the multi-box.

In short, this year’s crops will be:

  • lettuce,
  • basil,
  • tomatoes,
  • arugula,
  • peas,and
  • carrots.

Happy gardening everyone.