April 29th Update

Weather has turned nice lately. Friday was the first day I had my tomatoes outside (in a greenhouse) on the deck. Naturally, I bring them in at night – though we did have nights warm enough for them to survive. I don’t want to get a false sense of comfort for overnight temps that could turn nasty from nice one day to the next.

Planted a couple of trays of lettuce on Thursday. These I’m sprouting under lights as space opened up when I moved most of my tomatoes upstairs for daily deck time.

Hoping to take advantage of the nice weather this weekend to get prepped:

  • planters for lettuce and peas (get the dirt refreshed with composted manure and peat)
  • pots for flowers (clean out most of the dirt)
  • clean up the yard (garbage, rake)
  • turn on the water, organize some of my hoses.

Poppies are coming up.

April 24 Update

IMG_6736 IMG_6737 IMG_6738 IMG_6741 IMG_6743

Most of the tomato seeds I planted in late March came up. I planted a few more about 2 weeks ago to make up for those ones that didn’t sprout. This past Saturday IĀ transplanted most of the tomato seedlings with the exception of about a dozen Tiny Tim. None of them had crowded root systems but I wanted them to get some fresher soil. I mixed in some our homegrown compost into the soil.

All the Basil came up. Planted about another 2 dozen or so this weekend.

Put tray of lettuce seeds in the greenhouse on about April 15. We’ve had some cold temps at night in the high minus teens. So far nothing has comeĀ up. Added another tray on April 23. I will try to keep adding trays every week or so.

April 24 started organizing the flower containers for this year. Planted about two dozen nasturium seeds.

Happy gardening everyone.