April 29th Update

Weather has turned nice lately. Friday was the first day I had my tomatoes outside (in a greenhouse) on the deck. Naturally, I bring them in at night – though we did have nights warm enough for them to survive. I don’t want to get a false sense of comfort for overnight temps that could turn nasty from nice one day to the next.

Planted a couple of trays of lettuce on Thursday. These I’m sprouting under lights as space opened up when I moved most of my tomatoes upstairs for daily deck time.

Hoping to take advantage of the nice weather this weekend to get prepped:

  • planters for lettuce and peas (get the dirt refreshed with composted manure and peat)
  • pots for flowers (clean out most of the dirt)
  • clean up the yard (garbage, rake)
  • turn on the water, organize some of my hoses.

Poppies are coming up.


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