May 15th Update

Weather has been good. Relatively warm over night.

Sowed more peas in two planters plus added a few more to the first two that I sowed a couple of weeks ago. Dug out one that appears to have sprouted. Sowed some carrot seed in planter box.  Transplanted several dozen lettuce sprouts and about 1.5 dozen basil sprouts. Decided to stop using the lights in the basement to sprout seeds. Seeing our electric bill for the last month motivated me. It is time now to just use the sunlight that we get in our living room/kitchen to sprout lettuce and basil.

Sowed a small area of the back lettuce garden with romaine seed (60″ x 50″). Hopefully they make it. It is getting close to that second week of June plants in the ground, relatively safe date.

Transplanted some nasturtiums and sowed some sweet peas and morning glory seeds in the greenhouse.

Sowed some butterleaf lettuce seed (3 dozen plugs).

Decided, reluctantly, to use some fertilizer on my tomato seedlings because they were starting to go yellowy green. When they are in small containers they dry out relatively fast, especially when they are outside during the day, and thus the watering washes out the nutrients in the soil. And they need a kick in the early days, anyway. So WTF.




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