May 18th to 28th Update

Weather has been good. Low temps were below zero only on one day.

May 18-19, dug up and seeded (wildflowers, delphinium seeds from last year) an area around the back post of the deck where we’ve had some luck with delphiniums, mint and, of course, poppies.

May 23 seeded front walk w/ flower seed.

May 24 transplanted 3 dozen lettuce plants into the back yard.

May 25 seeded carrots in second box; seeded 2.5 dozen Sylvesta (Butterhead) outside on the deck.

As of May 28th, the buttercrunch lettuce, seeded in the house on May 15, had not sprouted – guessing they were too wet, rotted or something. Sprouting seeds in the window can be a problem but not as much as doing it outside – which after the weather gets warm/hot it rarely seems to work.

May 26 notice the romaine seeded directly in the ground was coming up.

Tomatoes are looking alright, as are the basil.

Raining today.

Will try to put in as much lettuce as I can on Sunday and Monday as the long term forecast looks favourable. Will also be looking at prepping boxes for Tomatoes in the greenhouse and possibly boxes for basil too.

Going to shop for flowers and Rosemary tomorrow.




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